VintageDeluxe Costume Jewelry: Framed Brooches

VintageDeluxe Costume Jewelry: Framed Brooches

Vintagedeluxe Costume Jewelry: Framed Brooches, carefully selected and matched to the pages of Linea Italiana Magazine, the Winter 1980 issue. Frame or wear these brooches: your choice!
Tip from Mimi Berlin: send one to a friend, they will love this thoughtful gift! Available from MimiMall.Amsterdam
(image above: vintagedeluxe costume jewelry: Framed Brooches. Tripping €25,-)

The brooches are pinned to the matte laminated pages in size A4; with the backside image visible. We have many more of these little time capsules in store: each one is unique! See them all at the MimiMall.Amsterdam



Bed-Week at Mimi Berlin

Bed-Week at Mimi Berlin

Simply because of the fact that it’s the first week of 2017 we, at Mimi Berlin, decided to spend this week in bed. We understand that not everyone is this privileged; so, if you really need to be outside here are some tips to cosy up on the cold winter streets >>>>>>>>>>

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Did you know that Mimi Berlin is working on a photo essay on human life in bed? No? Then visit even the bedtimes are good here!


Winter Work by Marlene B.

Winter Work by Marlene B, 70 x 120 cm. We would like to share a secret with you. This work is available to cash and carry in Amsterdam. Also a small series of 3 other little winter works by Malene B. which would also make the perfect X-mas present for your loved ones, or for yourself. Now is you chance to buy some good quality art! We do think you must hurry though, this work is ridiculously low priced and will be snatched away in a blink of an eye. Sharing this secret is our X-mas gift to you! xoxo Mimi Berlin.winter worksSee more work from Marlene B HERE

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