The Finishing of a Hermès Carré

The Finishing of a Hermès Carré

The Hermès carré has a hand rolled seam. At the Festival des Metiers an employee of Hermès showed us how it’s made.mimiberlin_hermesscarfClose-Up of the famous rolled hem (credits Ulrike Träge)

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Happy Birthday Ulrike T !

Happy Birthday Ulrike T !
Happy Birthday Ulrike T !

xoxo Mimi

Mail from Ulrike

Mail from Ulrike. To be more precise: snail mail from Ulrike Träge. Since Mimi Berlin has no money/no cent/no dime/nada/noppes, our dear Ulrike reminded us of the crisis sewing pattern technique for making new clothes during hard times. A couple of years ago she invented a re-cycling technique called; The Poor Man’s Bias Cut & Sew. Only applicable when all your clothes are totally worn out, or if you gained or lost tons of weight! Otherwise the best advice is of course to not cut up your clothes so you can save up energy for other useful things: Like to make money by selling homegrown young plants or your old magazines. Anyway, for us the time has come. We are going to have to use The Poor Man’s Bias Cut & Sew technique on all of our Dries van Noten clothes. NO, not The van Noten’s! we hear you scream. Yes, we have to, they are made from the most durable quality of fabric we own, we answer, whispering with a trembling voice, to your question. Keep you posted! xoxo Mimi