Furniture with Fringes by Munna

Furniture with Fringes by Munna

Shake it! How lovely are these chairs with fringes?! Munna design created a series of furniture with these loooong fringes. They also created a pouffe, or stool, and a sofa. These ‘fringes’ designs are part of the ‘Time Collection’ by Munna.

Munna is a Portuguese brand, since 2008. See more furniture available from:

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Luxurious Design from Riluc

Luxurious Design from Riluc

Presented during Maison d’Object in Paris (24/26 Jan. 2017) Riluc presented a new design .Luxurious Design from Riluc

This is a stool from the ANEL Sofa Collection, designed by the artistic director of Riluc Toni Grilo; for Riluc. Luxurious fun!!

Below earlier designs from Riluc in stainless steel:

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