Balenciaga’s Spring-Summer Collection for 2018

Balenciaga’s Spring-Summer Collection for 2018

About a month ago it was fashion-week in some parts of the world. Fresh women’s wear collections for Spring/Summer 2018 were presented once again. Balenciaga showed in Paris. Below the most demure looks of the pret-a-porter show. One of our favorites because these outfits really seem to be an instant a holiday-trip to us!
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Worth mentionable is the fact that Balenciaga asked the Crocs brand if they could produce a platform shoe. They could. Result: the ‘Foam’ shoes, lightweight-odor-free-water-resistant-fully-molded-platform-Crocs in Croslite™ material.

(images of foam shoes via

According to Highsnobiety blog the Balenciaga Triple S sneaker was the most spotted sneaker on the feet of the audience. (See that street-style sneaker report here at it’s fun!) We wonder if the Foam platforms will be equally popular, what do you think?







Souvenir Doll With a Nasty Face

Souvenir Doll With a Nasty Face

Look what we stumbled on the other day. This Souvenir Doll is SO well made (by hand). But. What a nasty and unfriendly face she has! Or is she just sad? Never mind. It is some fine Folk art! N’est pas?

We think she’s from Poland but we’re not sure.

Pearls and Women Divers

Pearls and Women DiversPearls and Women Divers Pearls and Women Divers
Pearls and Women Divers, photography by Yoshiyuki Iwase. Souvenir postcards from the  Shima Kanko hotel, which still exists and still lists Ama as a tourist attraction. The Ama (divers) are Japanese women who dive for pearls and seafood. (via Bremser)

Scent of Departure

“The Scent of Departure can make your dream come true with its line of collectable perfumes dedicated to bring back home one’s unforgettable trip. Not only a perfume, not just a souvenir, The Scent of Departure is the essence of a city in a bottle.scent of departure
Funny perfume, by Gérald Ghislain perfumer and Magali Sénéquier, designer. Wrapped in a tight concept,and we like that! The e-shop has no shopping cart but ‘My luggage’ and your luggage is filled with ‘souvenirs’ etc. Make sure to check out the site to see what we mean, it’s fun! 

There are 3 series; USA, International and France, and 20 scents in total.
We choose Destination Munich:“Top: Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Spices. Heart: Green tea, Spring flowers, Lily of the valley, Lilac, Violet, Marine flowers. Base: Whites musk, Sandalwood, Gaïac wood.scent of departure
“An ode to the München gentle way of life, in a crisp, refreshing and green scent. Like drinking iced lemon tea on a picnic in the Englischer Garten, lying on a luxurious floral bed under blooming lilacs. A scent for lazy sunny days to savor from Nymphenburg Palace to Kleinhesseloher See.”
We find this story to be true, really! And it helps reading the story while smelling the perfume. The scent is unmistakably unisex with a spicy touch and it’s fresh at the same time. It’s more than a gimmick, in fact it’s quite chique. We give Munich a thumps up!!
(All bottles come in 40 ML/1.7 fl Oz)
All info, quotes and photo from The Scent of Departure