7-17-2017 Outing Mimimojicons For World Emoji Day!

7-17-2017 Outing Mimimojicons For World Emoji Day!

Yes, dear friends, believe it or not. Today is World Emoji Day! For this special festive day Appdikted has created 4 mimimojicons for you to use!
Your Welcome!
Have a nice Emojinal day: Just let it go!
#mimimojicon#mimiemoticon#blehblah#prrt mimimojicons by appdikted @mimiberlin
prrrrt xoxo Mimi

mimimojicons are made with mojimaker by Appdikted @MimiBerlin #askmyagent

World Emoji Day has it’s own site!


On The Road mit Mimi Berlin Total Gas Station

On The Road mit Mimi Berlin Total Gas Station

Mimi Berlin and Club H.O.P. pitstopping somewhere in France, Europe.

The glamour of it all! Putting it in perspective…..

Seven Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone

Seven Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone

All images Ugo Rondinone: Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2016. Photos by Gianfranco Gorgoni. Courtesy of Art Production Fund and Nevada Museum of Art.

If you’re not in the Las Vegas area you can also go to Rotterdam to see the work of Mr Rondinone Vocabulary of Solitude, is the title of Ugo Rondinon’s solo exhibition at museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. 13 February – 29 May 2016 ugoinboijmans

(via thisiscolossal)


Giant Albino Rabbit

Giant Albino Rabbit

The Headbalancer rabbit from the History of Circus Legends series has become a giant: 20 cm tall!
3D print in a limited edition of 10 signed and numbered pieces. The Giant Albino Rabbit is painted by hand by Mathilde Admiral.Giant Albino RabbitThe rabbit was created by Mimi Berlin in 2013 as part of The History of Circus Legends. His name is Dinky and he is a Head Balancer.

This statuette has always been everyone’s favorite. Most of the Circus Legend statuettes have been sold but The original Dinky always will be part of Mimi Berlin’s private collection. Continue reading

Das Leben am Haverkamp

Das Leben am Haverkamp

On the last day of the Amsterdam Fashion Week a time slot was reserved for upcoming Dutch fashion talent. The so called Future Generation program presented 7 designers. A pleasant surprise at the exhibition space for us was GEFELICIFASHION, a celebration of conventions by Das Leben am Haverkamp, a collective of 4 fashion designers (Anouk van Klaveren, Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker and Gino Anthonisse) based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Next to their collective work as Das Leben am Haverkamp, the four members of this group all have their own label as well. Since DLaH is also about collaboration we’d like to mention some Dutch photographers they chose to work with; Henri Verhoef, Imke Ligthart, Rik Versteeg and Lisandro Suriel, we feel their input reinforces the (fashion) vision of DLaH, good choice! We also love the fact that DLaH has a broader vision on fashion, reaching beyond clothes. It’s nice that they don’t over-stuff garments with ideas and visions; they have installations, performances and other means to do that. On the personal side; we, at Mimi Berlin, just like the aesthetics Das Leben am Haverkamp bring on.
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Mimi Berlin’s New Year’s Resolutions

Mimi Berlin’s New Year’s Resolutions

Our New Year’s resolutions are our motto; MimiMotto‘s. They are always important in life, but for the year 2015 we will repeat them to ourselves, and to you, once more.
One more MimiMotto on this blog HERE

Mimi Berlin’s Self-portraits were illustrated in 2010 by Pia H. (a.k.a. Matilde Admiral) MimiMotto was brought to life by Rex Dieter