Conga Designer Bar

Conga Designer Bar

The Conga Bar is designed by Thomas Althaus and manufactured by Schönbuch, it was launched 2011. Finished in high-gloss in a huge range of lovely colors. The Conga series have grown since 2011, nowadays the Conga circular chest of drawers is also available. Less glamorous than a bar, but still pretty nice.

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Dutch Design Week 2017 at the VDMA Garage

Dutch Design Week 2017 at the VDMA Garage

Mimi Blogger Team visited the VDMA Garage during the Dutch Designweek in Eindhoven. DDW can be visited until October 29th, 2017. The VDMA building can be roughly divided into 2 parts; left and right. This post is about the work exhibited on the right end of the venue.

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In the world of Dutch Design there is this complex way of presenting. Almost every designer works with more than one collective, organisation, experiment, project, brand, manufacturer, sponsor, curator and god knows what else, besides having their own toko, (that means shop in Bahasa) which is almost always named after themselves, adding the word ‘studio’ either in front or after the designer’s given name.

If you’re not familiar with these kind of systems and, even more important; if you don’t know all the names by heart, you are often not quite sure what you’re watching. Seeing the same designers scattered allover the DDW can be confusing as well. We, at Mimi Berlin Blogger Team, don’t like that, so we did some research and came up with the following ‘main events’ situated at the VDMA building. Continue reading

Furniture with Fringes by Munna

Furniture with Fringes by Munna

Shake it! How lovely are these chairs with fringes?! Munna design created a series of furniture with these loooong fringes. They also created a pouffe, or stool, and a sofa. These ‘fringes’ designs are part of the ‘Time Collection’ by Munna.

Munna is a Portuguese brand, since 2008. See more furniture available from:

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On the cover of WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine nr. 4

On the cover of WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine nr. 4

The newest issue of WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine is now in stores. The cover was made by us at Mimi Berlin together with Mary Hessing, of WOTH Magazine, and photographer JW Kaldenbach! It’s Mimi’s first cover ever!On the cover of WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine nr. 4

Styled with a monumental pants made of wool by Collectie Arnhem 2017, pink plastic crates (from a secret place) The Standard chair (Vitra). Presentation ring by Bob Van Dijk. Well Watering Can by Menu and the Gloriosa flowers by Linda Nieuwstad. Of course there are much more images like this inside to enjoy!!!






My First Apartamento

My First Apartamento is a collaboration between Apartamento Magazine and Nowness. This series contains 6 videos up till now. Above the last one in which “Director Barbara Anastacio captures 19-year-old writer and editor Tavi Gevinson in her bijou NYC flat,” (read more )


Oktoberfest Cathedrals by Michael von Hassel

Oktoberfest Cathedrals by Michael von Hassel

Oktoberfest (or Wiesn) is an annual German, Bavarian to be exact, traditional festival where people meet and drink lots, lots of beer, eat meat and sauerkraut.
They party in huge beer-tents set up throughout the city of Munich..

Michael von Hassel photographed these tents at 4:00 AM when they were empty,
and came up with great images. On exhibit at the Rathausgalerie Kunsthalle in München untill 10/10/2015
want to visit the Oktoberfest, It ends on Sunday, October 4th, 2015 11.30 pm > check it out here (img via muenchenspiegel)