Souvenir Doll With a Nasty Face

Souvenir Doll With a Nasty Face

Look what we stumbled on the other day. This Souvenir Doll is SO well made (by hand). But. What a nasty and unfriendly face she has! Or is she just sad? Never mind. It is some fine Folk art! N’est pas?

We think she’s from Poland but we’re not sure.

One last post for 2016: Yolanda Baker, the Disco Ball Maker

 One last post for 2016: Yolanda Baker, the Disco Ball Maker

Thahanks Mr Wiegerinck for sharing! (Via wallstreetjournal on YouTube.)

Meet Angry John McEnroe

Arguing with the referee in 1981.Meet Angry John McEnroeYou cannot be serious. A quote from John McEnroe in needlepoint!! (via Myrtle & Eunice)

Classic McEnroe outburst. John McEnroe v Tom Gullikson at Wimbledon in 1981. Umpire was Edward James. Mr McEnroe not only had such an outburst in 1981, no, he had many more; watch them on youtube, it’s fun!


Altering Nature

Altering Nature with a romantic mind by Joana Vasconcelos and Hillary Fayle (photocredits; courtesy of the artists) Continue reading