VintageDeluxe Costume Jewelry: Framed Brooches

VintageDeluxe Costume Jewelry: Framed Brooches

Vintagedeluxe Costume Jewelry: Framed Brooches, carefully selected and matched to the pages of Linea Italiana Magazine, the Winter 1980 issue. Frame or wear these brooches: your choice!
Tip from Mimi Berlin: send one to a friend, they will love this thoughtful gift! Available from MimiMall.Amsterdam
(image above: vintagedeluxe costume jewelry: Framed Brooches. Tripping €25,-)

The brooches are pinned to the matte laminated pages in size A4; with the backside image visible. We have many more of these little time capsules in store: each one is unique! See them all at the MimiMall.Amsterdam



“Meanwhile” A Soap Opera by YOUASME MEASYOU

“Meanwhile” A Soap Opera by YOUASME MEASYOU

Soap bars, not just your ordinary ones, No! Designer Soap Bars developed by YOUASME MEASYOU  Each bar has it’s own tale to tell and all 20 of them have their own image or text which gets more visible when you hold them against light! Magical! They have a camée/cameo like feel to them, true gems to take with you when you shower! Auch Haben for X-mas Please!
“Meanwhile” – a Soap Opera consists of 20 different designs that appear when lit from behind, showing a detailed setting, subtitle or backdrop, a moment in time.
Each bar is individually handcrafted at the former Rosa Monastery in Amsterdam North and made to order to guarantee freshness of the soap.
Contents: Glycerine Soap, Pigments and Scented Oils (Eucalyptus, Lavender and Baby Powder). Weight: approximately 400 grams.
These works of art can be ordered at the YOUASME MEASYOU webshop and bought exclusively at the FRAME Store in Amsterdam.



Venus Flower Baskets

Venus Flower Baskets, or Euplectella Aspergillum, like other Hexactenellida in the Phylum Porifera are mainly deep ocean sponges. In traditional Asian cultures, this particular sponge (in a dead, dry state) was given as a wedding gift because the sponge symbiotically houses two small shrimp, a male and a female, who live out their lives inside the sponge. They breed, and when their offspring are tiny, the offspring escape to find a Venus Flower Basket of their own. The shrimp inside of the basket clean it, and in return, the basket provides food for the shrimp by trapping it in its fiberglass-like strands, and then releasing it into the body of the sponge for the shrimp. It is also speculated that the bioluminescent light of bacteria harnessed by the sponge may attract other small organisms which the shrimp eat. They were also extremely popular in Victorian England, and one could easily fetch five guineas, equivalent to over £500 today.

Thank you Rex Dieter for your knowledge.