Illustrations by Ignasi

Illustrations by Ignasi

Ignasi is “a digital artist from Barcelona, living and working in London.” So it states on Ignasi’s website. Ignasi makes films and illustrations: best go to the website and browse for yourself; if you like this work as much as we, at Mimi Berlin, do that is.

Commisioned work; illustrations, gif’s and films by Ignasi are almost all given by fashion- houses like Dior, Gucci, Bally, Louboutin and Louis Vuitton.
instagram: @ignasimonreal
(images are screenshots; see for specifics below images)

Fashion does Art The Trend for 2017

Fashion does Art The Trend for 2017

Using art; as in Old Masters, for fashion clothing and/or accesories is at it’s peak right now. (it’s October, 2017) We, at Mimi Berlin, know so because Jeff Koons teamed up with Louis Vuitton to make the ‘Masters LV x Koons‘ capsule collection. (Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Masters LV x Koons. Front view. image via

Above one of the results of this powerhouse collaboration: the ‘Neverfull’ bag with the Mona Lisa (chopped off at the neck) by Da Vinci: it says so, in goldtone capitals, written over the cheeks. The ‘Masters LV x Koons’ collection consists of 44 pieces divided over 5 ‘masters of art‘ the product-range goes from keychains and Iphone-covers to scarves and bags. We feel that this collection is the epitome of high-end consumerism, using art for fashion has reached the highest leve. (if anybody feels otherwise, please let us know, we are interested obviously)

Let’s be honest; nobody with so-called ‘good taste’ will want to buy products born from this collaboration and we think that ‘they’ (the brand Louis Vuitton and the artist Jeff Koons) know that.

So for anarchy’s sake we scream: Auch Haben! (years ago, for the same reason, we bought ourselves the classic Monogram canvas Speedy 30, personalized with embossed initials)







Zeitgeist T-Shirts From Monki

Zeitgeist T-Shirts From MonkiZeitgeist T-Shirts From Monki

Are Fun but probably sold out. (monki)

see fun panties from monki here on this blog

UCWHY Fashion Design from Belgium Presented at Cristofori in Amsterdam

UCWHY Fashion Design from Belgium at Cristofori in Amsterdam

The fashion label UCWHY presented it’s second collection yesterday (Sept 5th) at Cristofori in Amsterdam. Just as the presentation in Antwerp, where the brand is based, the venue was filled with flowers. Artistic Director Wim Bruynooghe completed a casual, or relaxed, ànd festive collection. Yes you’ve read it correctly: these opposite styles come together very well in the Spring-Summer ’18 collection by UCWHY! The brand choose to work with high-end fabrics in a daring and flashy colorscheme. Also nice to know: the collections are produced in Europe.

UCWHY was founded by Anne Chapelle (founder and CEO of BVBA 32, the parent company of well-known Belgian brands Ann Demeulmeester and Haider Ackermann. UCWHY will be sold at Menage à Trois in Amsterdam
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Gerrit Rietveld Academie The Fashion Show 2017

Gerrit Rietveld Academie The Fashion Show 2017

It’s that season of the year again. Fashion design graduates get to showcase their work in the shape of a fashion show. Mimi Blogger Team split up to see Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academie show both live, on the spot and via the livestream somewhere else.

Above our images, taken live at the show, which was held outdoors between the concrete pillars of a section of the A10 Amsterdam city ring highway overpass, near the WOW complex in the Bos en Lommer district. Backstage was also an interesting place: the models were covered in plastic bags, to be shielded from rain and nudity we guess. It was an added bonus for us; seeiing the designs amongst non-model-normally-dressed-people. (see more HERE)
Below the MB Livestream Edit (original livestreaming was done by

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When Princess Leia Lets Her Hair Down

When Princess Leia Lets Her Hair Down

We guess this is what Princess Leia looks like when she lets her hair down……SOOOOO Pretty! Have a nive Day! xoxo MimiWhen Princess Leia Lets Her Hair DownPhotographer David Sims, Hair by Guido Palau (published in Vogue Italia)

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