Gustav Brostrom’s Beauty Multi Masks on Instagram

Gustav Brostrom’s Beauty Multi Masks on Instagram

The instagram feed of Gustav Brostrom from Stockholm, Sweden, is filled with selfies made of his face covered in different beauty masks at the same time. Gustav mixes facial masks, patches, foams and what have you not, to create lovely images of himself. (yes we know they are called selfies)

Multimasking was the newest rage in 2015, a beauty trend we, at Mimi Berlin, completely missed out on. Basically it’s targeted skincare. By putting on multiple facial masks, or layer them simultaneously on the skin, you can treat different skin concerns at one time. Gustav Brostrom takes multimasking to the next level. Fun!

@gustavbroström. Masks en masse

Souvenir Doll With a Nasty Face

Souvenir Doll With a Nasty Face

Look what we stumbled on the other day. This Souvenir Doll is SO well made (by hand). But. What a nasty and unfriendly face she has! Or is she just sad? Never mind. It is some fine Folk art! N’est pas?

We think she’s from Poland but we’re not sure.

Romuald Hazoumé Petrol-Heads: Noix de Coco

Romuald Hazoumé Petrol-Heads: Noix de Coco

Romuald Hazoumé creates wonderful faces made with garbage such as plastic petrol bottles. The one below is our favorite!
Romuald Hazoumé Petrol-Heads: Noix de Coco
Noix de Coco by Romuald Hazoumé – Pigozzi Collection 2013 – Contemporary African Art CollectionRomuald Hazoumé’s work can be seen at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris at the Art/Afrique exhibition which runs through September 4, 2017 Continue reading

Fragrance bags with a face by Mimi Berlin

Fragrance bags with a face by Mimi Berlin

Fragrance bags with a face by Mimi Berlinfragrance, bag, pillow, face, ribbon, potpourri, scent, closet, smell, fresh, mimi berlin.

Fragrance bags with a face by Mimi Berlin is a product that has yet to be marketed.

300 Shades of Foundation

300 Shades of Foundation

From beige to brown 300 shades of foundation will do the trick. Let’s examine these colorcharts…..

Is It Magic Or Is It Foundation?…It’s Magic Foundation
Perfect looking skin for all ages, all skin tones (read more

Mimi Berlin’s Monday Wishes

Mimi Berlin’s Monday Wishes

Goodmorning!Mimi Berlin's Monday Wishes

Albino longface by Mimi Berlin, 2017. (plastic, 6,4 x 12,4 cm)
This little face is supposed to be screwed to the wall. In your home (price on request) Continue reading