Giro Giro Tondo Exhibition at the Triennale Museum

Giro Giro Tondo Exhibition at the Triennale Museum

We, at Mimi Berlin, came to know about the Giro Giro Tondo “design for children” exhibition, at the Triennale museum, which was part of the Milan Design Week during Salone del Mobile 2017, via the local newspaper Het Parool. We didn’t attend the Design Week this year because we missed our flight. This week we will be posting about venues, designs and other places we feel we really missed out on.Giro Giro Tondo Exhibition at the Triennale Museum“The opening is an Ouverture, devoted to play design with a powerful figurative component and a pop spirit.”  For us this image is love at first site! (image from the local newspaper.) This we must see in real life! Must!

“A new history of Italian design, devoted to the world of children and to the design and architecture that has been created for them. It includes the games and images that have amused and informed them, the spaces within which they took their first steps, and the objects they used to discover the world.”

Fortunately for us this exhibition runs through February 2018. (Concept and Direction:
Silvana Annicchiarico. Exhibition Design and Art Direction: Stefano Giovannoni with Tian Jin. Graphic Design: Giorgio Camuffo with CamuffoLab.

Nice, random, read on the Milan Designweek:


Colorful Bears by Paola Pivi

Colorful Bears by Paola Pivi

These colorful bears, made of feathers, were on show in 2013 at the galerie Perrotin in New York. At first sight they look cute, almost like Pinata’s but when seeing these sculptures up close they gave us a horrible feeling…check it out. See if you feel the same. Paola Pivi site.

Happy colors horrible feeling….

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Shadows at the Tinguely retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Shadows at the Tinguely retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Mimi Blogger Team visited the Jean Tinguely exhibition ‘Machinespectacle’ at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam the other day. (we did that live on instagram by the way) There is somethng about this exhibition we want to discuss with y’all: the shadows.

Yes, the shadows! We got distracted by how the works were lit: very inconsistent in our opinion. We got confused in one of the first rooms, which was filled with (earlier) works in black and white; mostly presented on the walls. Sometimes the light created shadows that were very pretty, either on the wall or on the work itself. But this ‘shadowplay’ wasn’t very consistent and thus distracting for us. And that’s no fun, walking through an exhibition trying to figure out what the idea of the lightplan is, when you should be enjoying art.