Souvenir Doll With a Nasty Face

Souvenir Doll With a Nasty Face

Look what we stumbled on the other day. This Souvenir Doll is SO well made (by hand). But. What a nasty and unfriendly face she has! Or is she just sad? Never mind. It is some fine Folk art! N’est pas?

We think she’s from Poland but we’re not sure.

Making MTV Bumps

Making MTV Bumps

Here’s a tip for when you’ve got some time to spare.
Provide Mtv with a new Bump made by you. it’s fun! and very easy too.

We’ll let you in on a secret. When we get bored at Mimi Berlin Headquarter’s we make a Bump with and for Mtv nowadays. You can choose icons, backgrounds and draw to compile a short clip.
As they say at Mtv: Remix the Internet to make art. 😉

Alchemist Matter by Laurence Humier

Alchemist Matter by Laurence Humier

At Milano Design Week 2015 we’ve met Laurence Humier, a Belgian architectural engineer. She works as a designer in Italy, providing services and products in the field of industrial design, communication services, and education. She presented and designed The Alchemist Matter, an educational tool for children from 6 to 12 years old to make their first steps in chemistry, learning with creative, hands-on activities how science can be useful. The activities require the supervision of an adult. The project has been funded on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter early 2015. Continue reading