The Shangri Las

The Shangri Las

The Shangri Las are a girl pop group from the 1960s, They were a bit different from other Girl Groups back then. (groups which name starts with The, similar dressed trio’s with two background singers etc.) because they came from Queens, New York which also was part of the ‘though’ image they had. The Shangri Las recorded songs about alienation, loneliness, abandonment and death, well all the stuff a teenager finds interesting…. Our personal favorites are ‘The leader of the pack’, ‘Sophisticated Boom Boom’ and ‘I Can Never Go Home Anymore’. We could only find one of our favorite songs on video, but never mind that; the girls are a feast to the eye in action, with their tight boots, big hair and shrilly voices. Have a nive day! xoxo Mimi

Yes! the ‘background’ singers are twins! Continue reading

Caroll Channing

Carol Channing

has such many very remarkable features, we just can’t stop looking at her…..

(images via TwilaWalker)
Why posting images of Ms Channing (born in 1921) today, you ask of us. Well, yours truly binged Ru-Paul’s Drag Race Season 8  last weekend. Bob The Drag Queen is the winner. In the snatch game he impersonated the remarkable Carol Channing, that’s why.

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Pastel: Leotards Galore

Pastel Leotards Galore

Leotards, big hair, leg warmers and F U N ! Gotta love them Eighties!!!

Bobbie Gentry – Ode to Billie Joe

Bobbie Gentry – Ode to Billie Joe

Ode to Billy Joe is a rather sad but beautiful song. It tells the story of what happened after Billy Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge in Chickasaw County, Misisippi. It’s also about everyday life, or as Bobbie Gentry experienced her youth living on a farm in a small town. Mesmerizing!

The song was written by Ms Gentry in 1967

more about the song by bobby gentry on wikipedia

(via BarnstoneworthTown on youtube)

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Countryangels with Fascinating Hairdo’s

Countryangels with Fascinating Hairdo’s

Tons of spraycans must have been used for these hairdo’s! Below famous heads with big hair; Loretta, Dolly, Bobby, Dottie and Lynn

Loretta Lynn (via) Dolly Parton (via) Dottie West and Elvis (via) Bobby Gentry (via) Lynn Anderson (via)

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