Fashion does Art The Trend for 2017

Fashion does Art The Trend for 2017

Using art; as in Old Masters, for fashion clothing and/or accesories is at it’s peak right now. (it’s October, 2017) We, at Mimi Berlin, know so because Jeff Koons teamed up with Louis Vuitton to make the ‘Masters LV x Koons‘ capsule collection. (Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Masters LV x Koons. Front view. image via

Above one of the results of this powerhouse collaboration: the ‘Neverfull’ bag with the Mona Lisa (chopped off at the neck) by Da Vinci: it says so, in goldtone capitals, written over the cheeks. The ‘Masters LV x Koons’ collection consists of 44 pieces divided over 5 ‘masters of art‘ the product-range goes from keychains and Iphone-covers to scarves and bags. We feel that this collection is the epitome of high-end consumerism, using art for fashion has reached the highest leve. (if anybody feels otherwise, please let us know, we are interested obviously)

Let’s be honest; nobody with so-called ‘good taste’ will want to buy products born from this collaboration and we think that ‘they’ (the brand Louis Vuitton and the artist Jeff Koons) know that.

So for anarchy’s sake we scream: Auch Haben! (years ago, for the same reason, we bought ourselves the classic Monogram canvas Speedy 30, personalized with embossed initials)







Jackie Kennedy by Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol

Jackie Kennedy by Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol

Brainbreaker of the week: Which portrait of Jackie Kennedy was made by Rockwell and which one by Warhol? Please submit your answer in the reply space below. Have a Nice Day!

Both portaits can be seen at The Norman Rockwell Museum! A museum, we, at Mimi Berlin would like to visit very much!

“Inventing America: Rockwell and Warhol is the first exhibition linking Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol, two iconic visual communicators who embraced populism, shaped national identity, and opened new ways of seeing in twentieth century America.” (read more

World Premiere: Miles Aldridge (after Cattelan) at Reflex Gallery

World Premiere: Miles Aldridge (after Cattelan) at Reflex Gallery

Reflex Gallery has presented the latest series ‘(after Cattelan)‘ by British Photographer Miles Aldridge at the photography-fair Unseen Amsterdam: a world premiere. For the ‘(after Cattelan)‘ project, Miles Aldridge was invited by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan to photograph in his exhibition ‘Not Afraid of Loveat the Musee de la Monnaie in Paris, which will run through and to respond to his art. This special collaboration resulted in a series of six pictures, in which Aldridge’s models are having a dialogue with the most famous sculptures by Maurizio Cattelan .

If you haven’t been to the Unseen Amsterdam fair you probably will have a chance to see and/or buy this work if you visit the Reflex Gallery

(images credits: reflex gallery / mimi berlin/