It’s This Art Fair time of the Year Again

It’s This Art Fair time of the Year Again

Mimi Blogger team got mail from Van Soest and Van Rijn, two Dutch artists. They will be showing new work together at This Art Fair in Amsterdam. This Art Fair is an annual fair held in December in which artist exhibit their work; without a gallery.It's This Art Fair time of the year again(image courtesy of the artists and

The opening of This Art Fair will be held on 27/12:18:00 tot 22:00 at the Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, in Amsterdam. Continue reading

Jump into the Future: Opening Night

Jump into the Future: Opening Night

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team visited the opening night of the exhibition Jump into the Future –  Art from the 90’s and 2000’s. The Borgmann Donation. Thomas Borgmann is an art-collector who donated (the largest donation yet) his art to the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam. Among the featured artists are Cosima von Bonin (see images below)

The opening night wasn’t just drinks-n-nibbles-like, no; it was a true large-scaled party! An ‘Artsy-Party’ to be precise. The Stedelijk museum co-hosted, with Ultrasexy and Amsterdam Art Weekend, this party for everyone for free. the gigantic entrance hall of the Stedelijk Museum transforms into an intimate artistic rave club where nothing is what it seems (readmore artsy party) We are not sure it was an intimate affair; the place was packed, but the museum sure was turned into a rave club! Fun! For a moment we truly felt like we lived in ‘the big-city’. Thanks for donating this party Amsterdam!

Vernissage Tjebbe Beekman Wait, hold that thought!

Vernissage Tjebbe Beekman Wait, hold that thought!

Dutch painter Tjebbe Beekman is showing his new work (Wait, hold that thought!) at Gallerie Stigter van Doesburg in Amsterdam, through December 23rd, 2017. Mimi Berlin went to the opening and so did these kids. They spent their time in a separate corner with an IPhone.vernissage mimi berlin

(imagecredits: Mimi Berlin)

Tjebbe Beekman/Galerie Stigter van Doesburg

Damselfrau Creates Masks

Damselfrau Creates Masks

Damselfrau is Maghild Kennedy, an artist from Norway. To us, at Mimi Berlin, she is most known for the masks she creates. The masks are mostly created with found materials and sewn by Damselfrau’s hands. If you need to label this work you could say it’s textile art.  Her work was on exhibit at Moba 13 in Arnheim and at various venues in Londen, where Damselfrau works and lives. In her exhibitions the masks are often shown by itself, they become faces that way.

(Images courtesy of Damselfrau) Continue reading

Fashion does Art The Trend for 2017

Fashion does Art The Trend for 2017

Using art; as in Old Masters, for fashion clothing and/or accesories is at it’s peak right now. (it’s October, 2017) We, at Mimi Berlin, know so because Jeff Koons teamed up with Louis Vuitton to make the ‘Masters LV x Koons‘ capsule collection. (Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Masters LV x Koons. Front view. image via

Above one of the results of this powerhouse collaboration: the ‘Neverfull’ bag with the Mona Lisa (chopped off at the neck) by Da Vinci: it says so, in goldtone capitals, written over the cheeks. The ‘Masters LV x Koons’ collection consists of 44 pieces divided over 5 ‘masters of art‘ the product-range goes from keychains and Iphone-covers to scarves and bags. We feel that this collection is the epitome of high-end consumerism, using art for fashion has reached the highest leve. (if anybody feels otherwise, please let us know, we are interested obviously)

Let’s be honest; nobody with so-called ‘good taste’ will want to buy products born from this collaboration and we think that ‘they’ (the brand Louis Vuitton and the artist Jeff Koons) know that.

So for anarchy’s sake we scream: Auch Haben! (years ago, for the same reason, we bought ourselves the classic Monogram canvas Speedy 30, personalized with embossed initials)







Jackie Kennedy by Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol

Jackie Kennedy by Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol

Brainbreaker of the week: Which portrait of Jackie Kennedy was made by Rockwell and which one by Warhol? Please submit your answer in the reply space below. Have a Nice Day!

Both portaits can be seen at The Norman Rockwell Museum! A museum, we, at Mimi Berlin would like to visit very much!

“Inventing America: Rockwell and Warhol is the first exhibition linking Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol, two iconic visual communicators who embraced populism, shaped national identity, and opened new ways of seeing in twentieth century America.” (read more