Furniture with Fringes by Munna

Furniture with Fringes by Munna

Shake it! How lovely are these chairs with fringes?! Munna design created a series of furniture with these loooong fringes. They also created a pouffe, or stool, and a sofa. These ‘fringes’ designs are part of the ‘Time Collection’ by Munna.

Munna is a Portuguese brand, since 2008. See more furniture available from:

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Graphic Design by Francesco Dondina

Graphic Design by Francesco Dondina

Caratteri Mobili a typeface designed in 2008 by Francesco Dondina for Edizioni Corraini. A 16 pages small book for the “I Sedicesimi” series by Corraini Publishing Company. The title works around the ambiguity of the italian word “mobile” that pertains both to typefaces and furniture.

Try Harder by Jason Lazarus

Try Harder by Jason LazarusTry Harder by Jason Lazarus

“A commission by publishing outfit Spring Break, Try Harder is a motivational poster on newsprint that has been available for free by the artist since 2008. For a free poster, send an 8×10” self addressed stamped envelope to:
Jason Lazarus
1516 n Kedzie Ave #3
Chicago, IL 60651

Please consider documenting your motivational poster and emailing it to me.”