Color Composition Studies in a Dutch Train

Color Composition Studies in a Dutch Train

Seen through the lens of Ms Reinders, Ms Linda Reinders ©2016.

What does one do when traveling by train? Right….take pictures. Very nice ones indeed, also considering that the Dutch NS Trains aren’t as pretty at all as these images suggest.

Interior with Flowers Allover

Interior with Flowers Allover

The more wallpaper the better!

You can never have enough walls to paste some flowers on……… William “Billy” McCarty designed the first two rooms.

(images via thepeakofchic / thevisualvamp )

Uranium Glass

Uranium Glass

Uranium Queen of 1956, Brook Robin (image via mentalfloss)

Believe it or not: People used to color glass with uranium (in oxide diuranate form).
Uranium was not seen as being particularly dangerous during the 19th century; so the development of various uses for the element, such as tableware and household items were quite normal. Continue reading