Woth Wonderful Things Magazine 6

Woth Wonderful Things Magazine 6

We would like to pay attention to Woth Wonderful Things Magazine. Specifically the newest issue, because it’s an anniversary issue! Woth Magazine is one year old! Hurray! Yours truly went to Barcelona to visit the festive launch of issue number 6, held at the BD Barcelona Showroom.Woth Wonderful Things Magazine 6(The colorful magazine displayed on the grey and black “Monkey Tables” designed by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona Design)

Woth number six is also the first issue in which Mimi Berlin worked on Whot’s On: the calendar of things to do of the magazine.

Completely out of character we, at Mimi Berlin, did not make any party snaps. But WOTH did; see them HERE


Bracelet Designs by Studio O’Sullivan for Balenciaga

Bracelet Designs by Studio O’Sullivan for Balenciaga

These huge bangles, designed by Damian O’Sullivan for Balenciaga are named Mug Porcelain Bracelets. Don’t let that name fool you though. These bracelets are made of brass with a porcelain effect. Easy to wear and Stunning. Auch Haben!

Photography: Mikael Jansson. Vogue Paris September 2017

)Images via studioosullivan.com / universomovieforward.com)

The Lazy Modernist is a Chair

The Lazy Modernist is a Chair

The Lazy Modernist is an easy chair made with mobile elements, designed/made by Atelier Van Lieshout and Lensvelt: so it is Dutch Design, and like most designs from The Netherlands it’s fun! Mind you this is contract furniture: made for the office.the lazy modernist

Click to see more info or buy the lazy modernist at Lensvelt HERE

See another Lazy Chair being busy! HERE at Mimi Berlin’s Blog Continue reading