Festival Designkwartier The Hague: at WOTH Wonderful Things

Festival Designkwartier The Hague: at WOTH Wonderful Things

One of our favorite design magazines: WOTH Wonderful Things has it’s fifth issue in stores now! The Magazine was launched during the opening of the WOTH Wonderful Store which was open during the Festival Designkwartier (tr; Design Quarters) in The Hague for three days only! Unbelievable; the effort WOTH has taken to tranform it’s headquarters for such a short period of time….

At the opening and Launch of WOTH Wonderful Things Store and Magazine (photocredits; JW Kaldenbach)

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Catalina Landseaire Boat Yachts

Catalina Landseaire Boat Yachts

This image caught our eye the other day. The airplane turned out to be a Catalina ‘Landseaire’ Boat Yacht from the 1950s. When you click the link you’ll find out that airplanes were used and promoted in a very different way than today. Make sure to clickety click! (vintagewings.ca)Catalina Landseaire Boat YachtsOne of the finest selling features of the Convair PBY Landseaire was no doubt the observation blisters. Not since the airship Hindenburg did passengers enjoy such a remarkable view of the world around them. Photo: Loomis Dean, LIFE Magazine

About airplanes and women in the 1940s on this blog





Marni Market Playland in Milano

Marni Market Playland in Milano

We, at Mimi Berlin, didn’t attend the Salone del Mobile 2017 this year because we missed our flight. But that you now by now, if you follow our blog….. Well, this week we will be posting about venues, designs and other places we feel we really missed out on. Being the Fashion Angels that we are we feel sorry for missing Marni‘s Playland installation. Luckily there are lot’s of pictures, gif’s and what have you not, on the interweb. And Marni also created a mini-market online for us to buy stuff from. Like the bag pictured below; which is actually a ‘Maxi geometric vase holder’ or a “trapeze-shaped-PVC- Artefact-product-with-possible-mperfections”; LOL!

“On the occasion of Milan 2017 Salone del Mobile, Marni will be transforming its space at Viale Umbria 42 into one big playground: MARNI PLAYLAND.
Reflecting on the concept of play, Marni invites the public to forget predefined rules and structures and interact with the surrounding space and the intriguing elements it contains. The MARNI PLAYLAND is a stretch of sand which is the perfect backdrop for a series of extraordinary objects and furniture sculptures that have cast practicality aside to embrace their playful side, leaving them open to interpretation.” (read more marni.com)

On Marni’s Youtube channel you’ll find more video’s and more images are to be seen at dezeen.com