Lily’s Bulletin Board is Pink-ish

Lily’s Bulletin Board is Pink-ish

A Diamond in a Banana

A Diamond in a Banana

Marvo the Magician finds a diamond in a banana!diamond banana

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Olive Oatman and Other Women with Chin Tattoos

Olive Oatman and Other Women with Chin Tattoos

Olive Oatman lived in the USA from 1838-1903, she had a tattoo on her chin which was probably one of the Yavapai tribe. (read the full story below). The interesting part, according to us at Mimi Berlin, is the fact that Olive is dressed in full Victorian attire, just like the Maori women are.

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Thahanks at Pierre Lernoud (Bertyl) for sharing the image of Ms Oatman on FB.

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