Solve, Share Like and Win at Mimi Berlin

Solve, Share Like and Win at Mimi Berlin

It’s Brainbreaker Wining time at Mimi Berlin!
Win an original Mimi Berlin silk scarf worth €175,00 !!!!!!!!!

It’s all very simple:

1-Just answer the question, what is this?Solve, Share Like and Win at Mimi Berlin

2-Share the image below with #mimiberlin, and like us on instagram @mimiberlin_amsterdam
Solve, Share Like and Win at Mimi Berlin

3-Wait and see if you are the lucky one to win this limited edition Stallion Scarf, worth €175,-

Have a Nice Day!
xoxo Mimi Berlin

(imagecredits: Wendelien Daan)






Brainbreaker of the Week

Brainbreaker of the Week

Who is this?

Brainbreaker of the Week

ɐuɐıp ʎpɐl

Yeah, took us one second as well….Now break your brains over that fact!

Found in Nature by Barry Rosenthal

Found in Nature by Barry Rosenthal

Mimi’s Brainbreaker Week.
Which color do you like best, blue or green? We are aware that this is a very difficult brainbreaker: both colors are nice and the topic is horrible…

‘Found in Nature’ is a series of compositions that tell compelling stories about beach-trash. Barry collects previously discarded junk along the coastal areas of New York Harbor then curates and orders the objects by color, type and/or theme. (by/ via
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Wearing your Baby

Wearing your Baby

Mimi’s Brainbreaker Week: Who wears her baby th best? Posh or Kim?
Victoria Beckham at the airport in 2011
OR 2014 Kim Kardashian and North West leaving their hotel on their way to the aiport on October 2,2014. (by the storm shadow crew)
Well, we have to say that the image of Victoria Becham is our all-time favorite, she truly gives the audience what it wants!
(Thahanks to coatofmanycolors)

More Than a Woman: The Song

More Than a Woman: The Song

Mimi’s Brainbreaker Week; Which version of this romantic song is your favorite? The Bee Gees version or the Tavares version?  Both songs featured the soundtrack and the movie Saturday Night Fever in 1977. We won’t show clips, they don’t do the songs any good; just listen and decide…..


Our favorite is the version by the Bee Gees; it sounds so much more romantic to us; with the violins and the castrati voices….

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Friday Night, Party Night! #82

Friday Night, Party Night! #82

Tonight we’ll break our brains over which action figure dances the best…but of course they are all MARVEllous!!!!!

via geekpicturez

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