About Mimi Berlin

Mimi Berlin is a group of interdisciplinary creative people, based allover Amsterdam. You can ask us to help you with your art, design, (product+fashion+interior) graphic and photography related projects. We all work very closely with Mimi Berlin. In our opinion Mimi Berlin is the most inspirational person imaginable….. xoxo Mimi Berlin

Romuald Hazoumé Petrol-Heads: Noix de Coco

Romuald Hazoumé Petrol-Heads: Noix de Coco

Romuald Hazoumé creates wonderful faces made with garbage such as plastic petrol bottles. The one below is our favorite!
Romuald Hazoumé Petrol-Heads: Noix de Coco
Noix de Coco by Romuald Hazoumé – Pigozzi Collection 2013 – Contemporary African Art CollectionRomuald Hazoumé’s work can be seen at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris at the Art/Afrique exhibition which runs through September 4, 2017 http://www.fondationlouisvuitton.fr/en/expositions/art_afrique_le_nouvel_atelier.html Continue reading

Fragrance bags with a face by Mimi Berlin

Fragrance bags with a face by Mimi Berlin

Fragrance bags with a face by Mimi Berlinfragrance, bag, pillow, face, ribbon, potpourri, scent, closet, smell, fresh, mimi berlin.

Fragrance bags with a face by Mimi Berlin is a product that has yet to be marketed.

inges idee Personal Absurdities: Hans Hemmert’s Level

inges idee Personal Absurdities: Hans Hemmert’s Level

Level by Hans Hemmert (1997, Styrodur/Rubber/Velcro, variable dimensions) is an installation, or performance if you will, in which the visitor could, according to his or her lenght, choose the suitable shoe-height in order to get a 2 meters body height. FUN! #wecanallbebasketballplayers

inges idee are the artists Hans Hemmert, Axel Lieber, Thomas A. Schmidt und Georg Zey, who have worked jointly on projects in public space since the group was founded in Berlin in 1992. Along with works carried out in the group, all members are active in their own individual artistic practice. In 1997 Hans Hemmert created “Level” (Styrodur/Rubber/Velcro, variable dimensions) which was shown at the exhibition “Personal Absurdities” at Galerie Gebauer Berlin 1997 (credits; http://ingesidee.de/page.php?pgid=74&lang=en)(images via core77.com)

Und thahanks Mr P van O for making us notice this work.