Take Off Your Shoes

Take off Your Shoes

Image editing by Mimi Berlin. Do take off your shoes and leave them in the hallway after a walk with the dog, after you did your walk backwards or when you’re done walking a fine line. Indulge in some luxurious barefoot-time at home, why don’t you?!

(Image editing by Mimi Berlin, graphics by Appdikted, text by Eli Schäfer.)

Rug Full Moon by Vanessa Barragao made by hand in wool, cotton and botical silk ø 250x250cm. (image via Vanessa Barragao) Triple S Sneaker by Balenciaga, Multimaterial oversize trainers with complex sole (image via Balenciaga)

Niku Rug A, by Ma Yansong (the founder of MAD architects) in wool, mimics the marbling of raw meat (Niku in Japanese). made for the Architecture for Dogs Series for labradors. (images via designcurial) Bag Bootie Calf Ingrassato by Christian Louboutin black leather booty is finished with elegant stitching up the front and a strong 100mm block heel. (image via Christian Louboutin)

Walk a Fine Line
Stripe Rug Round Black and White by Tom Dixon in pure wool, hand‑knotted for a multi‑level textured surface. ø2m. (image via Tom Dixon) Wave by Issey Miyake x United Nude. Multimaterial platform shoes with optical Illusion (image via United Nude)

ToDoList: Streetwalker.

Why do you have to take of your shoes when you go inside an Asian home? Mimi Berlin did some superficial research digging. Old traditional homes in Asia were often raised about 2 feet off the ground, for ventilation and temparature control. The Asian lifestyle at that time was mainly centered around the floor. The tables were low and they sat on the floor to eat, sleep and do all their activities. That explains the importance of clean and warm floors. It was customary to remove your slippers in the entry which was at ground level and one would step up into the home: the motion of stepping up to a different level, makes you aware that you’re entering someone’s private space. Another point is tthat being barefoot allows your foot-reflexology-pressure-points to be stimulated.









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