Fashion Design at the DDW17

Fashion Design at the DDW17

If you like fashion design, the following places at the Dutch Design Week of 2017 may be of interest to you:

-Klok Gebouw Strijp S: Handwork, an exhibition by Das Leben Am Haverkamp, organized by the Zeeuws Museum. (read more handwork)

-One of the ABN AMRO Hotspots at Strijp S is reserved for fashion designers Lisa Konno and Karen Vlug. They present the result of their collaboration: the ‘Collect’ collection (the Hotspots can be found at Strijp S, in front of Klokgebouw)

-Design Academy: on show are the graduation projects

-The former V&D warehouse in Eindhoven because it has the most fashion design on show: The Digital Realists presentation by Modebelofte and the presentation of the first ‘Fellowship’ by Vlisco & Modebelofte.

-Also worth a while are the fashion collections on show at the VDMA building (see more)

-HKU Graduates at Design Perron: Fashion design graduate Lucia van den Hoven

‘Collect’ is a new approach to your wardrobe, by fashion designers Karin Vlug and Lisa Konno. Together they created a garment that is endlessly variable and easy to adjust. A basic shirt can easily be transformed into a dress or a jumpsuit, using a very simple DIY system. It allows you to collect as many parts as you wish, such as different sleeves and collars, creating a wardrobe composed of only a couple of items, which provides an endless variety of styles and choices.” (read more

Modebelofte’s theme for 2017 is ”Digital Realists”, showing the work of 18 (international) graduation students in Fashion Design “which all embrace of the digital age as the new normal.” We, at Mimi Berlin, always find it interesting to see graduation collections from abroad. Only thing is, we aren’t quite sure why this presentation needs to be held at a Dutch Design Week when the only Dutch Fashion designer on show was Nathaly Vlaun, she graduated at the Rietveld Academy, in Amsterdam.

Vlisco’s Fellowship.”a new initiative, whereby a recently graduated fashion talent is selected to realize an experimental innovation project in collaboration with pioneers from science and industry.”) Sander Bos, just graduated at the fashion deparment of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, designed several outfits using Vlisco’s design classic waxprinted fabric ‘Day and Night’. (quotes from/read more

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven is held from October 21/29 2017.
More reports on the Dutch Designweek 2017 by Mimi Berlin Blogger Team







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