Schueller de Waal Collection Spring-Summer 2018 Compulsory Shenanigans

Schueller de Waal Collection Spring-Summer 2018 Compulsory Shenanigans

Schueller de Waal is a Dutch independent fashion label which showed their 9th collection ‘Compulsory Shenanigans’ for Spring-Summer 2018, yesterday evening (Sept 6th) in Tower 4 of the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam. The designers, Rens de Waal and Philipp Schueller, went Big, Large and More! They set themselves the task to measure up to show like the huge and established fashion houses do; within, and embracing the limitations they have as a small and independent fashion label.”Serious fashion…not so serious” as Schueller de Waal stated. Fun! We like that at Mimi Berlin.

(image credits: Mimi Blogger Team)

The average fashion show, held by established designers like Chanel for instance, has a few ingredients to dazzle the audience with. Schueller de Waal incorporated some of these ingredients in a playful manner by presenting lot’s of looks (worn by many models) including unavailable show-outfits on many (winding) stairs and in elevators including special effects (purple light and smoke). Also, we saw many busy runway photographers, celebs seated front row and sponsor photo walls at the entrance. This special venue, which has never been used for a fashion-show, was packed (a very important ingredient as well)

The “Compulsory Shenanigans” show was a huge one of 60 outfits. From swimwear to fully dressed, ruffled, brides: From very wearable outfits to toiles (an early version of a finished garment made up in cheap material so that the design can be tested and perfected) with attached swatches; all levels of design passed us by, everything styled meticulously. The show ended with two “unavailable looks”: it said so on the back of the knitted “poncho’s” which had the shape of sandwich signs (a front and a back, no sideseams) The message was not to be missed! We, at Mimi Berlin, also got was a Trunkshow Realness vibe (there was no sale afterwards, unfortunately) at the World Fashion Center, (former ‘Confection Center‘ by architect Huig Maaskant finished in 1977, but that’s another story) an almost abandoned and shabby place compared to yesteryears. WFC still houses some garment wholesale and showroom units, but also ateliers of smaller, more fashion-forward labels, like Schueller de Waal; they showed in their own work-environment. The perfect backdrop for this (conceptual) fashion show!

It was visible that Rens de Waal and Philipp Schueller had fun creating this collection and show. We think it’s a gutsy move to mix a ‘finished’ (wearable, commercial) collection of 30 pieces with another 30 outfits which contain all the creativity worth sharing at this point; It was a generous insight offered into the “Schueller de Waal Universe” (or so-called DNA) to the audience.

As always we refer to Peter Stigter’s site to see the professional runway images.

See Mimi Berlin’s Party Snaps made at this fashionshow HERE




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