Mr Pearl Designer and Wearer of Corsets

Mr Pearl Designer and Wearer of Corsets

Mr Pearl has constructed corsets for Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, John Galliano, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Antonio Berardi and Christian Lacroix. And today still for Burlesque entertainer Dita von Teese, for example. His work was on show at the V&A in London at the Undressed exhibition Mr P. is a ‘Corsetier’ also known for having an18-inch corseted waist, wearing his corset 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except when bathing. (we are not sure if he still does that nowadays) We think it’s safe to say he has a fetish. He isn’t the only man alive with this ‘historical related body modification’ obsession; for which you need actual training. The young Drag Queen Violet Chachki comes to mind, Chachki can create an extremely teensy tiny waist as well.

Mr Pearl began wearing corsets after seeing an image of the artist Fakir Musafar (Roland Loomis) with a tightly corseted waist. What the fetish is exactly all about we don’t know (but one needs a lot of corsettraining) The physical experience of wearing corsets, the effect it must have on the way you on his breath and the pressure on the intestants seems rather intense to us, so does the mental satisfaction, which is probably even more complex, and different for each corsetlover.

Women and Tiny Waists
We posted earlier on Ethel Granger HERE on this blog she was (or is) in the Guinnes book of records for having the tiniest waist. Mrs Granger was ‘pushed into’ corsets (piercings and high heels) by her husband, whilst others do it by themselves. Kim Kardashian also is often seen with a corset but we guess her bum is also huge, so her waist just looks tiny.

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