Dutch One-Woman Campaign HEY, HEY, HEY: COME ON, VOTE!

Dutch One-Woman Campaign HEY, HEY, HEY: COME ON, VOTE!

In The Netherlands it’s almost time to vote; to be precise on the15th of March 2017. Four days ago Ms Roosje Klap, graphic designer by trade, decided to start a “one-woman campaign” trying to reach as much people as possible to go and vote.

This one-woman campaign soon became a more-people-campaign, not only did Ms Klap designed slogan sweatshirts (made in a very limited edition) but also posters and stickers. You can also join the campaign, we suggest you do… Read on to see how, it’s easy>>“Today, I am starting a one-woman campaign in the deep wish that you will join and unite with me to activate as many 18+ to go out there and vote. The cultural meltdown is progressing all around us and will NOT change if you do not vote. Do it for yourself. Do it for your neighbor. Do it for Europe. Do it for the world. Do it for kids-to-come. Do it for humanity. We are bigger than this mess! You can download the pdf with all twelve ‘Come On, Vote’ posters here: http://bit.ly/2mudIhG. To print, to hang in your window, your classroom, on the street, to pin to your t-shirt, to clip to your bag, paste on your dog, hang it in your Appie, or decorate your bike. HEY, HEY, HEY: COME ON, VOTE!
The original lyrics to the song ‘VOGUE’ were written by Madonna and Shep Pettibone in 1990: http://bit.ly/1dWVo8d I’m counting down on the fb page of Atelier Roosje Klap, so you if you follow this you don’t even have to hit refresh to make it popup: (via) www.facebook.com/roosjeklap”



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