Helen Konig Scavini for Ceramiche Lenci

Helen Konig Scavini for Ceramiche Lenci

OMG! How ridiculously beautiful are these porcelain face masks!? They are made in the 1930s by Helen Konig Scavini. Auch Haben! with our own “History of Circus Legends” headscarves!!!

images via invaluable.com / the-saleroom.com

“1919 in Turin by Elena (Helen) Konig and Enrico Scavini. We are also know that the factories name ‘Lenci’ is an acronym from the Latin motto ‘Ludus Est Nobis Constanter Industria’ which translated means ‘Play is our constant work.’ Although some believe that Lenci was actually an Italianism of Elena’s pet name ‘Helenchen’ which her friends gave her whilst she lived in Germany. This explanation could also be the reason why Elena adopted the nickname ‘Madam Lenci’ by those who worked at the factory. “(read more http://www.worldcollectorsnet.com/articles/lenci-art-deco-ceramics/)





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