Jef Montes Tormenta Experience

Jef Montes Tormenta Experience

Since Jef Montes graduated in 2012 (at ArtEZ Arnhem) Mimi Berlin became interested in his work, so we have been following him. Montes presented an “Experience” at Amsterdam Fashion Week July 6th, 2016, which we unforntunately were unable to attend. That is really a shame because last season (read that here) we imagined Jef Montes doing just what he did: give a performance, experimenting on his fabrics and working on his creations, live with an audience.
We can’t write about his “Tormenta Experience” ’cause we weren’t there but we think it’s a very gutsy move!
Since this “experience” was also a preview on his next collection: Tormenta, we only can wait for that show. In the meantime we have to leave y’all with the images above, made by Team Peter Stigter, and a link to the site of Jef Montes.

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