MBFW Fashionweek Amsterdam Saturday July 9 2016

MBFW Fashionweek Amsterdam Saturday July 9 2016

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team’s second day at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.

We went to see three shows: First a Double bill with debutates Esmay Hijmans & TRINHBECX. Next the fashion show by professional Dennis Diem and last in row: Liselore Frowijn’s show, she graduated in 2013 at the ArtEZ, institute of the Arts in Arnhem. In between we got to meet and greet “The next generation of fresh young fashion professionals! Six talented young designers from The Netherlands”

Thahanks to Fashioncouncil’s Rachid and Liesbeth!

Esmay Hijmans
Esmay Hijmans graduated with honours in 2013 at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) with her collection ‘Mesdames de sur-realité’. During her study years she did internships at several Dutch designers among who Mattijs van Bergen. In 2012, Hijmans made the transition to London where she gained work experience at fashionhouse Alexander McQueen. The past year she collaborated with Anbasja Blanken. Hijmans designed and made the embroideries for Blankens debut collection. The Room.237 (named after the documentary Room.237) collection contains references to The Shining in use of silhouet, color and fabric(print). Supreme feminine womenswear, comfi couture with a bedroom/evening dressing feel to it, elaborated into long coats, silk trousers, sheer jumpsuits, narrow topswith flared sleeves appearing on top of overknee-length skirts. Lingerie inspired finishings, all-over embroidered nightcreatures like moths and butterflies alongside decorate raven black flowers of beads and sequins. via (fashionweek.nl)

Tung Trinh and Tim Becx decided to strengthen their forces and compete with the Global Denim Awards (October 2015) for the first time as a duo. During their academy years at the fashion department of ArtEZ Arnhem they were already closely involved with each other’s work. So participating with the denim competition was the perfect next step to start and develop TRINHBECX. They showed their first collection for summer 2016 named “Drift”

Dennis Diem

Dennis Diem approaches fashion as an exercise in craftsmanship. Handcrafted clothes made with traditional methods have become his signature. Indeed, he made a detailed study of Marie Antoinette’s original corsets before starting to handcraft his own corsets.

Dennis Diem’s fascination with corsets arises from the way in which they alter and enhance the female figure. “A woman’s posture is transformed as soon as the body is laced”, he says. High-heeled shoes are fundamental to his work for the same reason. “High-heeled shoes have the power to instantly change a woman’s aura”, he adds. (fashionweek.nl)

Liselore Frowijn
In 2013, Liselore Frowijn graduated from ArtEZ college for the arts in Arnhem. She uses fashion to translate art, music, humanity and diverse cultures into an eclectic vision.

Discovering the unexpected is her biggest challenge. Anticipate a thin line between low and high culture, with each piece a living painting, designed to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and imperfections. Her designs are for curious women – true explorers, ambitious and independent.

Her new collection is based on military dress, rich with self-made materials, hand-painted fabrics and woven and embroidered prints. (via fashionweek.nl)

Project 65 years of bilateral relations Philippines – the Netherlands
A meet & greet with the next generation of fresh young fashion professionals! Six talented young designers from The Netherlands and The Philippines joined hands in the creation of a colletion that will be showed in Manilla in October. The collective got together because of the celebration of 65 years of trade relations between the Netherlands and The Philippines.

Through an intensive exchange programme they are reaching new insights and approaches to innovation for sustainability in fashion. During the meet & greet they will give a sneak preview of what’s to come during their fashion show at the Dutch trade mission in October. (via fashionweek.nl)











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