Fall 2016 RTW: Prada

Fall 2016 RTW: Prada

We know it get’s kind of old: us, at Mimi Berlin, drooling over Prada each season again. But, c’mon! This season Ms Prada did it again!

She created this wonderful woman with so much visual personalities (this within one theme: yes a theme, we know that’s not “fashionable” nowadays but it is what it is: Forties Nostalgia) A sailor, a souvenir-doll, a tom-boy, a nurse, a pin-up, a lady, a tattoo artist, and the actual tattoo: all in one girl!
Fall 2016 RTW: Prada
We don’t know how many models walked the runway but there wasn’t a similar outfit to be seen, still Miuccia Prada showed one persona. That seems unreal, but it’s not, it’s actually a very adequate illustration of what women (and men) are: Humans, with jobs, memories, hopes, needs etc. Pretty genius for a fashion show; remember we are looking at clothes! (and some darn fine craftsmanship and styling).

All images via vogue.com. Check the site out for more images and the review by Sarah Mower.

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