Humongous Straw Summer Hats

Humongous Straw Summer Hats

Do you know the feeling when it get’s too hot on the beach but you don’t want to leave? (yes, that happens) Too much sun can be very uncomfortable; being busy covering yourself constantly in SP factor 5000 (which is allegedly unhealthy so we have read, but that’s an other story) and being scared that the pigment spots in your face will turn you into Marsupilami… We found the images above on the web: These Humongous (Striped) Straw Summer Hats are THE solution for a restful time at the beach on a sunny day! And SO stylish as well…. win-win


 -Humongous Striped Straw Summer Hat vintage (photographer unknown (via -4×5 kodachrome transparency, from the 1950’s (via Elliot-B on Flickr) -Vintage Vogue Cove Photo by Horst P. Horst 1936-Portrait of a Lady, Muse #37, Spring 2014 by Erik Madigan (via theredlist) -Straw hat in the 1920s Celia make?  (via back-then) -Woman in straw hat sitting on pier Credits: Getty Images David De Lossy via Habitually Chic -Rosie Assoulin Spring 2015.

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