Shocking perfume bottle by Schiaparelli

Shocking perfume bottle by Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiapparelli had the perfume bottle for Shoking patented in December 1936. The perfume was launched In1937 and with that also the color shocking pink was invented. The bottle was designed by Léonor Fini and represented a dressmaker dummy following the curves of Mae West, a velvet measuring tape and was decorated with porcelain flowers (inspired by Dalí ‘s paintings of flower-sellers so says wikipedia) The bottle came with a black leather carry-on case lined with fabric in shocking pink.
Needless to say, but we will; Jean Paul Gaultier took the bottle design to the next level; In 1993, he launched his first fragrance for women “JEAN-PAUL GAULTIER” (which is now called “CLASSIQUE”),  in a bottle representing a female torso based on both Madonna and the bottle of Shocking de Schiaparelli. Variations on the JPG Torso Bottles come in maybe millions and were (are?) highly collectable….

visit the Schiaparelli site

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