Won Kim Enclosed: Living Small

Won Kim Enclosed: Living Small

Photographer Won Kim shot these portraits of the guests staying (short stay visitors and permanent residents) at a D.I.Y. hotel (No, it’s not a “theme hotel” it just looks like it’s made by a non-builder) in Arakawa-ku, a county in northeastern Tokyo.
The unnamed hotel is situated in an office building, taking up one floor. (it looks more like half a floor, as in the movie Being John Malkovich; or maybe the cubicles are stacked?)
We tried to book this “hotel” but couldn’t find it on the web. Never mind, we obviously don’t wanna sleep there anyways, would you?
Won Kim DID sleep there and went back, in 2014, to take these portraits for his project Enclosed: Living Small read all about that here and here. Make sure you do, it’s interesting.

(images Won Kim©)

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