Priscilla Presley in a Car

Priscilla Presley in a Car

A glimpse at the life of Priscilla Presley, photographed by fans (they seem too candid to be taken by paparazzi but maybe we’re wrong) while she was behind the steering wheel of her car. The collection above must be the tip of a very high mountain of photographs. And how many times did Ms Presley must have her signed her autograph? Must be a mountain of paper as well! Priscilla Presley is still photographed in her car. We found one image made in 2014 (on zimbio), there are probably more images but we like the old ones better, she looks happier in them. (All images via

2 thoughts on “Priscilla Presley in a Car

  1. Love this photos. I too adore priscilla presely. I want to drive a car just like hers!

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