Alchemist Matter by Laurence Humier

Alchemist Matter by Laurence Humier

At Milano Design Week 2015 we’ve met Laurence Humier, a Belgian architectural engineer. She works as a designer in Italy, providing services and products in the field of industrial design, communication services, and education. She presented and designed The Alchemist Matter, an educational tool for children from 6 to 12 years old to make their first steps in chemistry, learning with creative, hands-on activities how science can be useful. The activities require the supervision of an adult. The project has been funded on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter early 2015.The full kit is composed of three modular test-tube racks:
Drop of Ink to watch and learn how matter behaves when it comes in contact with a little—or a lot—of water! Then, produce different materials to create portraits, or to craft models.
Sink or Float to mold a unique material able to float or sink and decorate your goldfish’s aquarium with a raft, some seaweed, and a sunken ship!
Stop the Spot to remove stains from white cotton fabrics, learning basic chemistry reactions for each type of spot. This knowledge will come in handy to invent materials with erasing properties!
With the Alchemist Matter full kit you can give shape to your ideas, create a single material capable of floating in water or sinking like the Titanic, and remove a stain with the speed you can make it!

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