Fuorisalone 2015: Linteloo

Fuorisalone 2015: Linteloo

The work of designer Paola Navone is part of this year’s Linteloo presentation at Salone del Mobile (at the Via Tortona 37, Zona Tortona, just 200 metres past the Nhow hotel). Linteloo and Navone present Furniture, Food & Fun, a set up by Paola Navone & Team Otto based on food and the delicatessen. According to Linteloo, food is a part of the quality of life, that’s why they came up with the concept of a delicatessen marketplace where the finest Italian and Dutch food and furniture meet. Paola Navone also created a brand new collection for Linteloo; “Take It Easy” a simple and refined collection of sofas and side tables in bright tones and grey with contrasting piping. Furthermore new designs by Sjoerd Vroonland, Roderick Vos and Niels Bendtsen are introduced during the Fuorisalone 2015 (the mortadella carpet in the picture above is made by Wurstteppich)

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