WOTH Store Wintergarden Edition

WOTH Store Wintergarden Edition

WOTH (Week Only Treasure Hunt) is an inspirational department store full of tasteful design, slow food and art, selected by Mary Hessing, editor-in-Chief of Eigen Huis & Interieur magazine. The first edition of WOTH department store for one week, coincided with Design quarter the Hague (May 2014). For one week, Hessing and her husband Toon Lauwen opened their family house, a former milk factory in the heart of the Hague, to the public and transformed it into a true concept store. The WOTH store can be visited again from today, December 11 until Sunday December 15th. Again Hessing and Lauwen filled their home with exceptional (vintage) design furniture, accessories such as Mimi Berlin’s statuettes, Upcycle Rose’s glassware and By Textielmuseum’s table linen. Also smaller items  like candles and Christmas decorations are for sale. You also get the chance to see how printing was done in years gone by; Jaap will print your name on the spot or eat some slow food. Maybe you’ll find the perfect X-mas gift here! WOTH van Galenstraat 40 The Hague. Opening hours, 11:00-19:00.

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