Ultrafragola is a mirror desgned by Ettore Sottsass in 1970. Suddenly we are in love with this mirror. It has a neon light in pink and it’s made from plastic and it’s Large. What else do you need to spice up a room? Right: Nothing. Auch Haben!

Description: Ultrafragola; Mirrored glass with vacuum-formed opaline
acrylic with pink neon light. Produced by Poltronova, Italy. Both in its name and in its sinuous shape, this evocative and erotic ‘vanitas’ is a homage to Ettore Sottsass’s obsession for women. It was realised in materials that were unashamedly new: wavy vacuum-formed acrylic sheet and coloured neon light as opposed to the more traditional mirror made from gilded, carved wood. For Sottsass “Life is perceived by the senses before the intellect, and sexuality belongs to that sensorial vocabulary.” He intended this piece to carry deep meaning and yet carry a modern simplicity. In the home the object would assume a ritual value, as if it had sprung from the ancient oriental cultures in to the present. This was the only production piece from the Mobili Grigi collection that Sottsass designed for Poltronova in 1970 yet still looks as fresh today. (text via centrostudipoltronova)

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