Eva Stenram

Wow, these manipulated photo’s by Eva Stenram are magical! At first glance they seem to be vintage shoe fetish pin-up pictures, at second glance they still are very sexy! Although the images direct the mind in a severe way, they leave so much room for the imagination at the same time.

Eva Stenram on Drape XI “I turned this intriguing vintage pin-up negative into a new ‘Drape’ image. It will be shown at Pobeda Gallery, Moscow, in September. The print looks great (50 x 50cm).” (quote taken from her blog) Make sure to check out her site, her work is certainly worth the visit. (photo’s courtesy of Eva Stenram via mudwerks)

This post is so opposite of yesterday’s post: Knitted Tops, for women without legs. The pitch of the week.

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