Ethel Granger

Ethel Granger (1905-1982) “The smallest waist on earth”

“Further reduction of Ethel’s waist did entail some problems. Although Ethel had been laced tightly for years and was accustomed to being tightly laced all the time, she frequently loosened the laces when alone and her sides became sore. Mrs. Kayne told Will to tolerate no nonsense from Ethel, so whenever he inspected her corset and found it open an inch, he tightened it until it was again closed.” from Ethel Granger’s Biography, available at:
All photo’s from and Vogue Italia 

Goodmorning Y’all! You’ve guessed it right! Our Sunday will be spend indoors, with a corset or a belt, just a you please. The smallest waist will get a prize

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