The Global Diary

It’s Sunday and Mimi suggests you stay inside, so the tip for today is creative and indoorsy. ‘Communicating with images.’

Buyaaah, what an intriguing image combination, not sure why, but it just is. Mona’s picture (7/11/11) on the right, The Global Diary‘s answer, or comment, on the right.
Okay, let’s start the Sunday activity;
1) Take your camera (or phone)
2) Take a good look at your home.
3) Take a picture of the most meaningful, pretty, ugly, weird, lovable, crummy or interesting place (or person or meal or view or bodypart or chair etc.)
4) Send your picture to; (add your name, age and the place the picture was taken)

The Global Diary will give their comment on your picture and share the combination in their Diary, which is yours and mine as well.

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