Will Eisner

Will Eisner

‘The Spirit’ by Will Eisner (3-6-1917/1-3-2005)
The Spirit, January 1947.
The Spirit, is a long time favourite comic of mine. Mostly because of the drawings by Will Eisner. They have that lovely ‘Film Noir’ touch to it, same goes for the story. In a nutshell; The Spirit is an urban-crimefighter who get’s beaten up a lot. He attracts the most seductive and dangerous femmes fatale, but is in love with ‘Plane- Jane’. The stories are always set in the inner city and feature it’s ‘street-level’ criminals.

In 1973 Kitchen Sink Press reprinted issues of classic (1940/1952) Spirit stories. Eisner created some brand new Spirit material as well. He made an updated Spirit in the form of single-page strips that are, sort of, political cartoons.

The Spirit TV series, 1987.
No, I’m not mentioning the movie.

From 1978 on Mr Eisner created several modern graphic novels. He is also known as ‘The father of the graphic novel’. These are great as well…… but that’s another story.


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