Marktplaats: marketplace on the net

Marktplaats: marketplace on the net

We can’t help ourselves. We are intrigued by these pictures from Vibster. She has tons of designer clothes, and she sells them on Marktplaats  (Craigslist in The Netherlands). She takes pictures via the mirror. Some in front of her couch, others in her closet. She really has a lot to sell and for every garment she takes these meticulously posed and styled photo’s.
Me and my friend I.G. take great pleasure in fantasizing about her life. What does she do for a living, is she a stylist or maybe a model, a stewardess or just married and jobless? Does she own a shop, and if so, how does she manage to take the time for all of this?
We know, it’s not a very chique thing to do, but like I said, we can’t help ourselves.
We are not the only ones. Vibster is a well known seller.  We’ve seen other sellers using the sentence; “Bought from Vibster….” to indicate that you get the best.
Dries van Noten, Halston, Yves Saint Laurent, Marni, you name it our seller has it all, and it doesn’t come cheap. It’s always new and Everything she sells is because “she has too much”.
What do you think? She lives in a village in the Netherlands and she has 4 pages of fashion to sell at Marketplace. And that’s a lot, let me tell you. 
Hmmm, okay, well, now I have to get busy trying to find a life of my own………xoxo mimi

I’m not sure if I’m violating any copyright by posting these photo’s, if so I will remove them. They are taken by Vibster on Marketplace and for everybody to see.

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