It’s This Art Fair time of the Year Again

It’s This Art Fair time of the Year Again

Mimi Blogger team got mail from Van Soest and Van Rijn, two Dutch artists. They will be showing new work together at This Art Fair in Amsterdam. This Art Fair is an annual fair held in December in which artist exhibit their work; without a gallery.It's This Art Fair time of the year again(image courtesy of the artists and

The opening of This Art Fair will be held on 27/12:18:00 tot 22:00 at the Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, in Amsterdam. Continue reading

Glass Objects by Ned Cantrell

Glass Objects by Ned Cantrell

Just that, we, at Mimi Berlin, like them objects very much. So we’re sharing.
xoxo have a nice day!

This Danish works are represented by the Nyholm Cantrell gallery (image courtesy of (and via


NEW! Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge

NEW! Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge

Meeting and introducing yourself to others has never been this easy ànd stylish at the same time. Form follows function: the ‘MimiMalist Hello Badge’ is Super Large (ø 10cm) and it’s tinted Beige. the MimiMercandise department at Mimi Berlin designed this mega-brooch not necessarily for conference meetings only: you can wear the Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge any day, every day!NEW! Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge
Order your MimiMalist Hello Badge NOW at the

Mimimalist is a concept by Twan Janssen, executed by Mimi Berlin.

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest nr. 8

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest nr. 8

The Movie.
Discotheque: the Party-Celebration: A party hosted by Mimi Berlin, celebrating (almost) 5 years of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest (selfportraits by, for and with Mimi Berlin). We had Music, we had Drinks, Snacks, Sauerkraüt, Partyhats, Photographers; we had 2 Group-Photo moments and we had FUN  at Sexyland

A short clip by and for Mimi Berlin’s Friends and Families, a self-portrait: posing on the couch. The portrayed are all creative minds from The Netherlands. In daily life they try to make the world a prettier place by creating and sharing (mostly behind the scenes) in the fields of art, music, design, theater, illustration, photography, jewellry, perfume and food, and by just having fun in general.  (read more Thanks You Wendelien Daan!

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest: The Party Celebration 2017

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest: The Party Celebration 2017

We, at Mimi Berlin visit parties all the time. This time we wanted to give back: so we threw a party for yous all: Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest: The Party Celebration at Sexyland in Amsterdam. Celebrating 5 years of Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest. We had Music, we had the last two group-portraits we made on show, we had Drinks, Snacks, Sauerkraüt, also we had, Partyhats, Goodie Bags, Photographers ànd we had 2 Group-Photo moments. And we had SO much fun! Thanks to all our friends and family, DJ Frankie D and everyone at Sexyland We Love You!

See more Party-Snaps HERE


Roller Derby for Girls

Roller Derby for Girls

Roller Derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track, they have all kinds of matches whilst doing so. Basically one of the teams needs to be the fastest; the players are very rough with each other in order to accomplish a win. Roller skating marathons became populair in the 1930s, just like the dance marathons. Roller Derby is a sport with a high entertaiment value; the same kind the american wrestling matches have.

The black and white image is made at a Roller Derby match in 1948, taken from Time/Life Magazine. (read the article and see more images here at
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